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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moving- Need advice

Holla Ladies! I'm needing some words of wisdom from ya. I'm thinking of buying my mom's house... She is going to start moving into her B/F's house this weekend and will be putting the house up for sale after she gets her stuff out. I put in an offer to her which is WAY lower than she would have sold it for and she is thinking about it. Problem is... do I really want it? This house is much bigger than mine, in a great neighbor hood... we moved there when I was 3. This house has many things that I want in a house BUT its REALLY outdated. I mean its been forever since my parents did any upgrading to the house. It needs new carpet, windows, cabinets, paint, roof, water heater.. you name it & it needs it. I'm very happy w/my house right now. We remodeled it to our liking and its perfect for us but its small and on a not so nice street. Most of our neighbors could give two shits about how their house looks & it drives me bananas. I'm so torn w/what I want to do. We are thinking of putting our house on the market and seeing what happens and if it sells we buy my moms and if not we don't. Its that simple right? I guess I'm afraid that we will buy it and I will wish I still had my current house. I know that if we do buy my moms and we remodel it I will love it but I'm just afraid. Plus I don't know what people will think. I mean, my dad died in that house. In my parents bed room that if we move into will be mine & Jake's bed room. This does not bother me but it may bug Jake somewhat. Ugh I donno. I know I'm rambling but I just have all kinds of thoughts going through my head. I know this would be a good investment for us as this house will be worth way more than our current house ever will be but geesh its a huge decision! Any thoughts?


Julie said...

I agree that it is dafinitely a big decision. If it was me I would probably go for it, but then again I really enjoy the process of fixing up houses. Also, like you were saying it is a much bigger house than you have and is in a much better neighborhood.

Overall, I feel that the fact the neighborhood is tons better is the most important thing because being located in a crappy area brings down your home value no matter how nice it is inside.

Good luck in your decision. Talk it over with your hubby and see what he wants to do. Plus, make sure he won't be weirded out by being in your parents old room.

Steph O. said...

I agree, it sounds like a great deal. I'm big on lists. I'd try making a list of pros & cons & what it would realistically cost to remodle. (you may want to see if there are any options to do your own labor on some of it)

Also- make sure that it's what you two really want & would be good for you. Meaning, don't just do it to help your mom out of any 'what if it doesn't sell?' scenario.

Best wishes!

ssbean said...

Wow, big decision indeed. But as you know moving, especially into a house and especially selling a house, is a really big decision, the way the economy is. If you spend less on buying the house, then you could put more in to the repairs. I think as far as your father passing away in the house, it's something you really need to talk to Jake about, to see if he's ok with it. Also you are about to do your FET. So, forget about what you want, think about the 1 or 2 little one(s) that may very well come out of this. If you have done work on your house, then it will sell a lot easier than if you hadn't. I'm just throwing up things to think about in your decision making. I can't say one way or another what you should do. If I think of reasons to support why you shouldn't then I will leave another comment. For now it seems like I leaning towards you doing it.

AJ48 said...

Well it is definately a buyers market, so keep in mind that you might not get as much as that your house is really worth, or the price you are looking for.

BUT - I am a big believer in a good deal and if you can get your parents house for a great price and fix it up to your liking...I would say go for it.

I bought my grandmothers house and fixed it up - and it worked out well because we took the mortagage out for 10 grand more and she in turn gave us the 10 grand in cash to fix it up. So now we live in her house but totally remodeled! Might not be a bad deal to work out with your mom! ;)

Sarah said...

I would go with the better neighborhood- much better for raising babies. :)

Jennifer said...

Jayme, Wild that you are thinking of buying your mom's house. I too am buying my mom's house. She had to move because of her job. It is not my childhood home. My DH and I love the house. It was a perfect choice for us. It is a big decision but buying any home is. Good Luck! ~Jennifer

To A T said...

I know I am late on this, but I say go for it, if your house sells.
It's a big decision, but it sounds like (to me) that that pros outweigh the cons. Location is one of my biggest selling points on a house, which is why we bought the house we did- smaller house, better neighborhood, better schools. I still know we made the right decision, 5yrs later. You can always remodel it to your liking too :)
just my 2 cents