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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cycle 19, Cycle day 1

Yahoo!! I never thought I'd be so glad to have AF find me but I am! I will be starting BCP tomorrow which means I will be starting lupron in less than 21 days! Ahh... I'm so happy to start things up again. I feel like this past month has been sooo long just waiting and waiting. I can't believe my FET will be in about 5 weeks! DH & I are having the "this is it" attitude again and I'm glad. I was really scared to start this because I was afraid of it not working again but I'm feeling positive and anxious and that makes me happy!!

I have a terrible hangover today! I have some family that is here from Cali so we all went out last night and I drank way too much and I'm sure I made a total fool of myself but hey... I had a good time! Not so good today though =).


Richelle & Mike said...

yAh Jayme! Big congrats on getting the ball rollin on your FET! And I love that you and DH are staying positive. It makes a big difference. GL honey!

Misty Dawn said...

Yay for CD 1!!!! Well we all have moments like those....the more BFN's I get, the more of those moments I have...a/k/a drinking and making a fool out of myself.

To A T said...

Glad she finally showed for you Jayme!! Yay for starting BCP!! :)

This is TOTALLY it for you!!