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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well humph

Looks like I'm having an annovulatory cycle. Yippy... I'm back to my old ways! I started Provera today so I'm expecting AF w/in the next 10 days. Then I get to start BCP for 21 days followed by Lupron/estrogen & progesterone! FET should be right on time mid March. I'm terrified of it. I was off work today just sitting at home, alone, thinking about it. It has totally made me depressed all over again. If this fails I seriously think I will end up in the loony bin.


margelina said...

Ugh, that sucks, Jayme! Sorry about the Provera...I wish your body would just cooperate already!
Big (((hugs)))

Misty Dawn said...

Thats so bogus Jayme, I can't believe you are having an annov C. Try not to stress about your FET b/c I'll be with you the whole way!!! Yeah that makes everything better, right? LOL


higretchen said...

I'm really pulling for your Jayme! Do you know how many you'll transfer (I think you have 4 at a time that you can thaw?)? Sorry about this C but at least you know AF will start soon and you can get this show on the road!


Coco said...

That really sucks! I hate Provera! Thinking about you...

To A T said...

Ugh... I'm here with you sista, although my doc won't let me do provera since it's a post m/c cycle BLEH!

(((HUGS))) Sometimes are minds just need an off switch, don't they?