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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Nonsense

I don't have anything in particular to talk about today but I feel as though I should write about something! Its Sunday. I hate Sunday's. All day all I can think about is having to go back to work tomorrow. Ugh. Work. Ugh. This weekend didn't amount to a whole lot.

Friday night my "fertile friend" that you have already read about came over w/her husband. Yep. The same husband that just weeks ago she was threatening to leave (hes home on leave from over seas). Strange. Since her husband & mine are friends I don't have much of a choice but to smile and bear it. She didn't say a whole lot and neither did I. No fertile comments were made and I said nothing of infertility. It was halfway pleasant. A big group of friends including "fertile friend" and recent pregnant friend, and another couple that just had a baby & I are going to ST Louis next Saturday night for some gambling and drinking. Of course Jake & I will be the only ones there w/empty arms & an empty womb. Sucks ass. I plan on getting pretty tipsy just to get through the whole thing. Maybe I will be surprised and have a great time. If nothing else I'll get to eat great food & stay in a hotel w/my honey and get some "bowchikawawa" (I have no idea how to spell that) going on. On the down side I hate to spend all that money on one night.

My acupuncture is going "okay". I'm not sure if this woman is making things worse or better. Maybe it just has to get worse before it gets better? I can definitely tell that I'm not feeling as much stress and I seem to be in better spirits BUT since I have been there I believe I'm getting a UTI infection & a yeast infection. Never had a yeast infection so this one is new to me. Also my urine seems to be a bit cloudy. I've been sleeping really good the last few days too so I'm really happy about that. Could it be that she is just flushing out all kinda of toxins in my body and that why I seem to be getting infections? Maybe this is all in my head... who knows. I go back Monday & Friday of this week so we shall see what other "symptoms" I gain.

On the TTC front not too much is going on. I'm on CD13 waiting to O. If I do. I've been OPKing and haven't gotten a + which isn't abnormal. Sometimes I don't get a + at all. I temped Saturday but slept in to late today. I will start that up Monday for sure. I'm anxious to just get this C over and for March to get here already! Thank god Jan is going by fast & I hope Feb does too. Until then I plan to BD/FD like a couple of jack rabbits!


Misty Dawn said...

Hmmm that is something to ponder. I would def ask your accu lady if that is what is causing this possible UTI. The theory actually makes sense.

Have fun in St. Louis! make all those other couple jealous of you! After all you will be the one being able to enjoy your cocktails and sleep in! ;-) Yes, I know, this is what I've resorted to.....making all the fertiles jealous. Whatever works, right?
hey, I'm sick of them rubbing in their PG's, so since i got something they want, I'm going to flaunt it. LOL

To A T said...

I hope you have a great time in St Louis! I'm with Misty- make the fertiles jealous that you can drink as much as you want and they can't HA!

To A T said...

Okay I know I already commented on this post, but I wanted to let you know I gave you an award :) check out my blog ;-) (apparently this is part of the rules?)