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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Okay ladies.... as most of you know I work at a bank and of course I see these whopping big tax refunds of like $9000+. I swear if I see one more chick w/5 kids w/5 different daddy's come in to cash that damn refund check I'm going to scream! Every year this drives me nuts but this year is the worst. Maybe its because I want a damn refund and a baby! Jake & I have to pay in every year and for once I'd like to get a refund! Even if it was $5 at least we didn't have to pay in! Jake is a self employed carpenter so we have to pay in quarterly... sucks! We don't make big bucks or anything so why in the hell can't we catch a break!?! I just sooooooooooo hope our FET works in March that way I'm due the 1st of Dec so I can finally get a refund. Although it will be very small at least it will be something! GRRRR. Being a DINK (dual income, no kids) sucks!!!!


margelina said...

LOL, DINK is a funny term. I KWYM. My mom does taxes, and she always has these stories about crazy people who get lots of $$$ back for playing the system. It sucks!!

Christina said...

We have the same issue. We owe like $300 and my single mother friend is getting $5K!! Makes me so mad.

Misty Dawn said...

Yes I have to agree! being a DINK the acronym btw :-)