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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

RE update, Acupuncture, Random's

I had my consult today w/my RE regarding this past IVF cycle and the upcoming FET cycle. The plan is to have my progesterone checked this cycle on CD21 to see if I've ovulated. If not I start provera & if I did I wait for AF or a BFP (hahahaha). After AF's arrival I will begin BCP for 21 days then start progesterone & estrogen after that. FET should be in mid March. We will thaw 4 and hope to god at least 3 survive. I'd really like to transfer 4 this time if I could. The RE and IVF nurse said they were all very surprised that the IVF didn't work. I don't know if I should be glad or sad about that comment. I also asked what exactly was wrong w/us since everything has been corrected that was once wrong and they have now put us in the unexplained IF category. Lucky us.

I started Acupuncture today. I thought it was really weird. The lady was very nice but odd. She said she is hoping I get KU this cycle on our own and we need to change our position to doggy style. Imagine my face when she actually said "doggy style." I found it to be pretty funny. She also wants me to prop my butt up for 1hr after sex. Urm... I was always told that did nothing. She also said I was very stressed out, hormonal, moody & on the verge of depression. I already knew these things but I'm hoping she can help w/that if nothing else. I am supposed to go back Thursday and then 2 times a week after that for the next 2 weeks for a total of 6 session at $65 a piece, ins. covering nada. Jake is supposed to go for 2 sessions so we can "get our energy on the same level." I think this lady just might be a quack.

After our visit w/the RE we went to PetSmart to get a tooth brush and paste for Ellie's bad breath and rotting teeth. We tried to brush them tonight and she absolutely hated it. Hopefully it will get easier over time.

On our drive home from the RE (2 hrs away) Jake got a speeding ticket! Not surprising. He was going 72 in a 55. This will be the 2nd ticket he has gotten in Springfield since we started going in May. I just love all the money that City has been costing me!


Misty Dawn said...

I'm sorry to hear about the speeding ticket, ouch! I hope all of your embies survive the thaw. I've been wanting to try accu but can't afford it. Over here they want $100 per session. It would be over 1k by the time I was done with a month. DH told me no. I really wish he would start researching more into TTC. I might just have to tell him how its gonna be and go w/out permission. LOL

Coco said...

I just a speeding ticket too! It really sucks! I'll be interested to hear if you think that the accupuncture makes any difference, it's something I have been considering.

ssbean said...

I'm glad you have a plan in place with your RE. Hopefully this quack of a acupuncturist can help with something. I'm not 100% sure if I understand her theory on getting you and your husband's energy in sync. Whatever, anything at this point, right. I really hope it helps. It sucks about the speeding ticket. So far, I haven't gotten a ticket, but I have been pulled over a few times, and each time I could have and should have gotten a ticket. Don't ask me how I've weaseled my way out.

Jen said...

Let me start off by saying I'm sorry. I have been a bad commenter the last few days.

I really hope things go well with your RE this time around. You will have to keep us all updated on what the acupuncture is like. Don't know if I would like that or not. But then again I would do anything for that little baby!

Oh- my email is

please feel free to email me when ever you need to.

nancy said...

Acu rules. So does a FET. And good luck in everything up to and between that too.

Thawing. Let's see. I had an all freeze cycle, so we froze on day 1, which means we didn't know what would even grow. I had 9 on ice, thawed all of them, 7 survived. So I can definitely see a 75%+ survival rate for you! (let me just sa i'm totally fucking flabberghasted it didn't work for you too. ~hugs~)

margelina said...

Hey Jayme,
I have heard nothing but positive things about acu. I went to one a while ago, and I thought she was the biggest quack around...but her office was always packed to the max, so who knows?! If nothing else, it's supposed to be a great stress reliever, so that is something! I hope things on the ttc front start to look up for you soon. (((hugs)))