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Monday, December 22, 2008

Why so many?

I've had a few people ask me why I transferred so many embryo's and I'm going to explain why. My embryo's were perfect yes, my lining was perfect yes, there is no other known problems as to why even one embryo would not stick. My reason for transfering 3 was simply because of the statistics w/my RE's office. They are as follows.... (to the best of my knowlegdge anyway)

Out of 73 patients that transfered 3 embryo's only 47% ended up in pregnancy, 35% had a live birth. Meaning 10% miscarried. Out of those pregnancy's 0% was triplets and only 12% was twins.

Out of 73 patients that transferred 2 embryo's only 12% ended in a pregnancy, 0% w/twins.

Out of 73 patients that transferred 1 embryo 0% ended in pregnancy.

This statistics are what I remember of them telling me.... they may not be perfectly accurate & I have no idea how old those 73 patients were nor what was wrong w/them to begin with. Jake & I decided to take our chances and transfer the 3 because we had the best chance at becoming pregnant and the odds for multiples were rather small. We very well could be the couple that ends up in triplets (RE's office said they get a set of triplets about once a year) and we could very well end up in twins. On the other hand we could end up w/a BFN. Thank you all for your comments & all of your concerns. We will be needing all the prayers we can get! You are all so great!


margelina said...

You have been awarded a bloggy award. See my blog for details!

Samantha said...

Jayme Im so happy for you and I will be stalking your blog for your BPT results! I really hope that this is it for you! And I don't blame you one bit for transferring 3 embies... you do what you think is best for yourself!!

Misty Dawn said...

Sorry for being so nosey Jayme!! Its funny b/c that was my next question, "What are the age ranges?" LOL Which procedure did you do> ICSI? I was thinking that you have a chance for quads or quints too. LOL

Def do what you think is right for you and DH think is best. Your opinions are the only ones that matter! UGH I can't believe your beta is so far away.

~*JaYmE*~ said...

We did to ICSI on all of them. The chances for identicles were like non existant. You guys are starting to freak me out though.... I hope I didnt make a big mistake. I can handle triplets, raising them anyway I'm just afraid for their health. We have a lot of great people in heaven watching over us though so I'm not too worried. All will be fine.

To A T said...

I think it's great that you went with the best odds possible! I would have too! :)

Can't wait to hear the results soon!!