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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

RE update

I had an RE appt this morning on day 4 of stims. Everything is looking good. I have 8 follies on the right which he said was a good number. The left ovary isn't doing much, as usual. I will be going back for more b/w & u/s on Thursday morning & will most likely start Ganirelix/Cetrotide then. I'm keeping the same dosage of Follistim & Menopur for now anyway. My head aches are still lingering. Plus the damn Doxycycline has been making me really sick to my stomach in the mornings. I know its because I don't eat before I take it but... it takes me a while before I'm ready for breakfast. I'm going to make myself eat tomorrow morning. I hate feeling like I'm going to barf. I'm starting to feel a bit uncomfortable around my ovaries... just like ovulation pains. I know its from all those follies growing. Its a good pain for that reason! We also went over Jake's SA they said everything looked good except he does have a low count... 15mil I believe is what they said. I guess it doesn't matter anymore though. We signed our paper to freeze our left over embies, if we have any of good quality after transfer. There's about $600 that INS doesn't cover. Crap. $ is the devil I tell you!

On a different note my little Ellie dog has some kind of red rash on her back by her butt. Looks like we may be making a trip to the Vet. She keeps biting at it. Poor thing. I have no idea what it could be. Maybe just a hot spot rash? Hopefully nothing bit her. She gets so sick so easily I just hope its nothing. I will update on that after I talk to the Vet when they open (they open late on Tuesdays). Anywho... that's all I've got for now. Hope everyone is doing good. Any ones done w/their Christmas shopping? I am! It feels so good to have that done!


Amanda said...

Aww...poor baby. My gizzy is having skin problems too. He's getting a nice oatmeal bath tonight before bed. He's so itchy. :(

nancy said...

crazy - you are stimming!

Well wishes for Ellie :)

margelina said...

Yay, I hope your follies grow, grow, grow!
Aw, your poor baby...I hope she's OK....let us know what the vet has to say!

Jen said...

I sure hope this is it for you! As always fingers are crossed!

So sorry to hear Ellie has a rash, hope she feels better soon.

To A T said...

Yay for 8 follies!! I hope they grow nice and big for you!! :)

Hope Ellies rash isn't too serious! GL!

higretchen said...

Hi Jayme,
You've been very absent from the WebMD board! It's ok, I guess you have enough on your mind... I hope your dog is OK - it does sound like a hot spot rash.

Anyway - I'm excited to hear how things go with your IVF - do you know how big those 8 follies are? Sounds like you're on track for next week!!
- Gretch (bbfisher on webmd)