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Monday, December 29, 2008

Need advice & update

First for the update... I had an RE appt today to check my ovaries & my progesterone/estrogen levels. My ovaries are moderately hyperstimulated w/a few little cysts. He said the cysts were just from ovulation & wasn't concerned about them but said not to lift things, not to stretch, and no sex to help w/the ovaries. Ugh just what I needed! My lining looks super. Too early to tell anything baby wise so still have to wait to POAS Friday.

Now I need advice. I have a friend that got KU her first try a few months after I had started TTC. Her baby is now like 8 months old. This "friend" of mine has said some really shittiest things to me about her being so fertile, yada yada yada. I try to avoid her at all costs just because I don't want to hear it. Apparently she is telling people that I don't want to be around her because she has a baby & I don't. That I am jealous of her. I seriously want to go to her house and drop kick her ass in the throat. What a fucking bitch. I need some words of wisdome from you guys. What would you say? Would you say anthing at all? HELP ME!


margelina said...

Thta sucks your "friend" is acting like that. The old me would have totally had something to say. However, I think it just may make you look jealous, and make her feel "right". It's a hard thing to take the high road. But saying something probably won't end up going well with someone like her, and you need to keep yourself calm and peaceful for your little embie babies. Real friends find a way to understand even when they really don't have any way of understanding. You are dealing with something way more importantthat some dumb girl who is running her mouth.
And...I'm soooo freaking excited for Friday!! Crossing everything for you!! (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Hi Jayme - I totally agree - take the high road. That is WAY easier said than done! This girl doesn't sound worth the effort of you going out and defending yourself. You are learning who your real friends are.... Good luck - take it easy on those ovaries and I too can't wait for Friday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jayme - I'm so sorry this "friend" is not compassionate and feels the need to run her mouth about something she is clueless about. I have had my run-ins with many of these myself, and I let it get the best of me for awhile, but now I try my best to be the bigger person. They aren't going to "get it" anyways. And the ones who do are the only ones that matter anyway and they wouldn't have said it in the first place. So don't give her the acknowledgement. But doesn't it make you wish the world was more educated.
Keep calm for those embies and ovaries! Good luck on Friday; can't wait to hear the news!

Sarah (heinereus) Webmd

nancy said...

I wouldn't say anything. The more you protest, they more they'll think you are just defending yourself. If they were a real friend, you wouldn't get this kind of thing.

It's a tough situation to me in. I was accused of this multiple times and there just isn't anything you can say to clear your name. Just get out of that friendship.

Funny about her being "so fertile" because she got pregnant once. heh. Secondary infertility is the worst because of this exact thing. They have NO FUCKING CLUE how lucky they got, so when it doesn't happen the 2nd time, they freak the fuck out.

Jordan said...

I just found your blog & I agree with everyone else on taking the high road. She's obviously not a true friend so find the true friend that you deserve =]

To A T said...

I agree with eveyone... take the high road and don't respond to her bitchiness... it just makes you look like one too.