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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The latest

First off I will say OMG I have been sick the last 2 days! Vomiting and all. Ugh. I don't know if its the flu or the doxycyclin that I've been on or what. My RE said I didn't have to take the doxycyclin anymore as he will put me on antibiotics the day of ER. Thank you good sir. I feel a lot better today. I had another RE appt this morning for u/s and blood work. I'm wanting to say I had somewhere around 10 follies between .97 & 1.12. He said he was happy w/the number & size but they are growing a bit slow. Tonight I'll be taking 1amp of Menopur & begin taking Ganirelix. Keeping my 75IU of Follistim in the AM. I go back on Saturday for more u/s & b/w. They are guessing ER on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. That seems so far away! I will update again Saturday and let you all know what is going on!


Misty Dawn said...

Oh I'm so sorry sweetie! Hopefully you don't have the flu and it was the antibiotics messing w/you. That would totally suck if you got the flu and was stimming for IVF.

Yeah, next week does sound like its far away but it will be here before you know it.


margelina said...

I hope you feel better, too. Hope it was just the meds. You are getting so close, this is awesome!!

To A T said...

Ugh! Sorry you have been so sick! Hope you get better soon!