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Sunday, November 16, 2008

What a lovely weekend...

NOT! Remember saying that back in the 80's? I'm a dork & I still say it all the time. This has been a pretty shitty weekend. Imagine that. Like I'd have something positive to write about. Once again this is going to be a poor me, I'm pissed off at the world kinda post. I'll start off w/Saturday.

Saturday started off being a pretty darn good day. Work was good, no one pissed me off. I had a nice lunch w/my Aunt from Cali, well that is until she dropped a bomb on me that my cousin was raped at a party over the summer. I feel so bad for her. What do I say? Do I not say anything at all? My little cousin is the funniest, easy going, ditsy blond just like me. I love her to death! I would love to find this guy and kick the shit out of him. I guess there was bruising and tearing but the police weren't going to do anything about it because the guy says it was consensual. Whatever. Apparently my cousin had blacked out and woke up w/the guy on top of her. Sounds to me like she was drugged. Poor girl. She's being going to counseling. I hope that helps her move on.
After lunch w/my aunt I went home, did some cleaning & then got ready to go out to eat & go bowling w/some co workers. The diner was good. Bowling was alright... I of course was the worst bowler. I suck at everything. No one wanted to be on my team. Jake ended up drinking WAY to much and made a fool out of himself & me. Great. We went home, I went to bed & made Jake stay on the couch as I was pissed off at him. I woke up at 4AM to him in the bath room w/the hick ups. I walked in there & he tells me hes been up for hours w/them (he was really drunk) and told him I was glad & went back to bed. I couldn't fall asleep of course. About 15min later & hear him throwing up. I had a big smile plastered on my face. "That's what he gets" I thought. He didn't hick up anymore after that.
Sunday is usually a day of relaxation & grocery shopping for me. Welp I woke up around 7 w/horrible cramps. AF has arrived. I'm glad she is here because I want to start my BCP and get on w/it already. For Pete's sake though... WHY ARE MY CRAMPS SO BAD? All my endo is gone. WTF? I've seriously been in bed all day w/the heating bad on. No TV or anything. Just laying there about to hurt someone. I went into the kitchen to get some more Tylenol and its all gone. Jake took that last of it for his hangover. What a dick! I told his ass to go get me some more & that it was just plain mean of him to do that to me when he KNOWS I'm in pain. He went and got me some Advil & tampons. Thanks hunny.
Not only did I wake up to cramps today but also "craps" Literally. Not mine, not Jake's. We don't know who's but our back yard is having a sewer backup. We are having no problems at our house so I'm hoping to dear god that its not our problem. I'm just hoping that the line is on our property & its the city's problems. Jake is going to call the water & sewer department in the morning. So now we are having to take the dogs in the front yard on leashes to pee. Good lord. Apparently the whole back yard smells like shit & there is even TP in the water. I'm not going to be checking that crap out. No pun intended! Maybe, just maybe my luck will turn around. Ya think? God I wonder how much a new sewer line will cost us? Fuck. I'm going to have to get a 2nd job or something. Wouldn't you know it, something like this would happen right after I get a new car & decide to make a strict budget so we can start saving some $. Saving money. Ha. Like that's going to happen!


margelina said...

Ah, I' sorry Jayme. I KWYM...everything always seems to happen at once, to me at least. I hope that AF gets lost soon and that your cramps aren't so bad now.
Me...I'm on CD 8 and cramps returned today with spotting...WTH!
Sometimes I wish guys would be the ones to get their period,lol!

nancy said...

oh my goodness. The backyard thing? Fucking gross. I shudder to think.

That's funny your husband had the drunk hiccups. I've never had them myself but I gotta say it made me giggle thinking about it - just because you said he was being a dick though.

To A T said...

I am so sorry hon! Between the cramps and the sewage in the back yard, it sounds like a doozy of a weekend!
Hopefully the city is responsible for the sewer line!! If not, is that something your homeowner's insurance would cover?

elephantscanremember said...

I'm sorry Jayme! Sounds like you had one crappy weekend. ;) I do hope it turns around for you soon.