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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Weekend randomness

I have a few minutes so I thought I would do a quick little post because I know my life is just so frigging interesting that everyone wants to read about it! Nah, actually I'm just a little board and in the mood to get in touch w/my thoughts.
  • Had a horrible night last night. Going back to yesterday's post. I've just been feeling really sad and sorry for myself. I know I just need to get over that, move on, & look for the best & realize that no matter what happens I AM lucky. I have a lot to be thankful for yet I cant shake my sadness. I had the day off yesterday which was AWESOME so I rented a few movies. I watch P.S. I Love You and bawled through the whole damn thing. Great movie but very sad. Don't watch it during a poor me pitty party because it will ruin your whole night. After that Jake & I made burgers on the grill (sucked by the way) and than watched the movie Strangers. Good movie too, pretty creepy but I like that. All in all yesterday was a decent day other than my crying episodes.
  • Work- Ack. I got a call last night that ____ the new accounts lady went home sick and wouldn't be in today. Fuck. I knew today was going to suck. I ended up opening 10 damn accounts (not my job so I don't like doing this) plus waiting on customers doing their normal transactions. I'm off Monday. Thank god. I need a damn vacation. I'll be amazed if I can make it through the whole day Monday w/out getting a call.
  • Today was my cousins wedding. The one that gave me a bunch of shit about IVF. Obviously I didn't go as it was in Minnesota & here I am at home. I still haven't bought her a card. Not sure if I will. I'm still extremely pissed off at her.
  • Went to a craft show w/my mom after work today. Surprising as we don't do much together anymore. She bought me a new purse. Its so cute! Its brown leather cow print. Other than that I didn't buy shit. They had 1/2 the stands this year as they normally do. I was pretty disappointed.
  • Jake & I are going out to dinner tonight. I can't wait. I love to just sit down together and stuff my face. Its the only time I feel like I can truly relax. I am extremely worried all the time. I told Jake last night I need to have medical marijuana prescribed for me to calm my nerves. I guess that only works for cancer & glaucoma though huh? Haha. No, no I haven't done that in years. That stuff was fun in high school but I've grown out of that stage.
  • On the TTC front- I'm 7DPO and antsy as hell! I bought some FRER tests and I just wanna pee on one! I know I'm setting myself up for disappointment but... I'm really, really, really wanting & needing this to be it. My heart cant take much more of this. I asked Jake if he thought this was it. He said yes because if it wasn't he was going to loose his mind. I agreed so we definitely have all crossables crossed!

I think that's it. I better hop on in the shower & get ready for my wonderful evening w/the hubbie. Um... what shall I have. Everything sounds tasty right now!


Jen said...

Sorry you had such a hard day yesterday! ((HUGS)) I've been wanting to watch PS I Love you for a while now, but I'm guessing it's probably not the right time for me now.

I want to tell you that there is a suprise for you at my blog...go and check it out!!

margelina said...

Sorry you have been feeling so down. TTC sucks!
I'm glad you have a yummy dinner to look forward to!! And Yay for a new purse! I recently got a new one I love!!
Hope you have some awesome news to share in a few days!!