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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thats a negative

Well I POAS this morning. It was a BFN. I'm only 10DPO so I'm not going to start crying about it. ~Yet~. Jake hid the tests from me in his underwear drawer. I found them and just put them back. I'm not going to tell him. I know BFN's are hard on him too. I will POAS again Thursday & I have my BPT Friday. Hopefully I'll have some better news in a few days! Thanks for all the good lucks ladies!


margelina said...

Sorry about the bfn...even though it's still early, it still stinks! I've always said the last few days of the 2ww are the hardest. I'm glad you have a positive attitude about things. Hang in there! (((hugs)))

ssbean said...

I'm sorry you had a bfn. I'm praying it switches over to a bfp in a couple days. Let us know. (((HUGS)))

Misty Dawn said...

I'm so sorry hunny


nancy said...

yeah, 10dpo is way too early! :)

Jen said...

Sorry Jayme ((HUGS))
But like a few others said 10 dpo is still way early. Hopefully it will change over soon.
Think positive thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Checking on you. Hoping for the best.