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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Perfect Day

I had such an awesome day today! I was off work which is always awesome plus I went out of town shopping w/my MIL. I found such great bargans and had such a nice time not worrying about ~anything~.

I bought-
  • New pillows for my couch & over sized chair
  • Sconces & candles to go beside a picture that is above my couch
  • A new coat (actually a X-mas present from my mom)
  • A few new work shirts + a fun shirt to wear w/jeans w/matching jewelry!
  • A purse for my MIL for X-Mas

Oh happy day. I found everything on my list that I was looking for and got ~most~ of it on sale. We ate at Panera, my favorite! Then I get home and Jake has an awesome surprise for me... We are most likely getting a new Jeep Wednesday! I'm so excited. I love my Jeep that I have now but this one is 2 years younger and only has 20,000 miles! Its a 2006 and its Dark Caramel. I love it! I actually saw it the other day at the deal shop that we got our current Jeep and had Jake drive by it Saturday night. He said he liked it too but I really didn't think he would actually go in and talk to the guy about it. The dealer said he would pay off what we owe on our Jeep which is way more than what he would normally give us for a trade in. Jake called the bank and our interest rate will be 1% lower so in the end our payments would only be $20 more a month than what they are right now. Sounds too good to be true huh? Anywho... I hope my luck continues through out the next few days. I might POAS tomorrow. I'm going to try and talk myself out of it though. Wish me luck!


margelina said...

Oh Jayme!! Good luck, whether it's tomorrow or in a few more days!!
Awesome day! As much as I dislike shopping, sometimes retail therapy does help!! Ah, and I heart Panera. It's the best ever!!

Jaymee said...

Hey Jayme, Love the spelling of your name, not many spell it the way we do. Now you are making me feel slow, I have not even begun to think about Christmas presents. It is great that you are enjoying the good days, it is so important while TTC.

Misty Dawn said...

Sweetttttttt!! Oh I love new cars! We bought mine in 2007, the only thing missing is the new car scent, I can't seem to find it. LOL I love shopping. Can't wait for Black Friday so I can get some super duper deals.

Can't wait for you to POAS, when is that by the way? Your chart is looking good.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~C'mon BFP~*~*~*~*~*