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Saturday, November 1, 2008

IUI #6 & 7 complete!

Well I have officially completed my final IUI's! Everything went well. Jake count was very good yesterday. He had 50+% motility and the count was something like 23mil. My RE was very surprised & pleased as last time we did IUI's his count was terrible. Today's #'s weren't as good. The motility was 40+% motility which was good but the count was 7mil. not so good. My RE was glad that we did 2 IUI's and I have 3 big follies this cycle. He seemed very happy which makes me very happy. I will begin taking progesterone suppositories (ugh) on Monday, Progesterone B/W on Friday and BPT the following Friday. Please wish me luck! This is our last cycle before IVF in December.

~Come on spermies make it to the eggies!~


margelina said...

Yay!!! Good Luck Jayme!!!! Swim, spermies, swim!!! I promise to send you a huge batch of your favorite cookies when you announce that BFP!!! (((HUGS)))

Jen said...

Good luck Jayme, as usual my fingers are crossed for you and my toes this time too!!

nancy said...


And don't worry about your progesterone suppositories - just be glad they aren't PIO injections!

To A T said...

Good luck Jayme!!
Crossing all my crossables for you!