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Friday, November 7, 2008

Give me a flippin break already!

I'm going to have a bit of a vent about a few things. Either all of these hormones are getting to me or these are legitimate things for me to be pissed off about. I have the day off today. Thank god! Hopefully I can just have some fun by myself today! I'm just so stinking depressed that I could cry at any moment. Ugh... I just want some good news, any news.

1) Vent- Jake's dad can be the biggest tight ass! Of course he will buy himself anything he wants. Jake's parents have it all, a big ass house, motor home, pool, awesome deck, the perfect decorations in the house, tons of cloths, nice ass cars... blah blah blah my list could go on. I'm not jealous of what they have but when Jake works for his dad you would think he would pay him for being gone for my IUI's! Its not like his dad is hurting for money by any means. Jake missing one day of work is a lot to us. Especially right now. For exp: I got our invoices from the Hospital about our HIV tests (My RE requires this before starting IVF, they were negative! Duh) and those suckers cost $429.00 EACH! Good lord almighty. I know my ins. will cover it but I don't know about Jake's. I seriously wonder if his dad thinks Jake likes to drive 2 hours one direction to see the RE. Like he likes getting out of work for it or something! He has no idea how much we hate it! We don't want to be there. If I were fertile like the rest of the family I would have had our baby 6 months ago. I bet when/if I do have a baby he doesn't even pay him for being gone that day. Jake gets no vacation time, sick or personal days. I think its ridiculous. Jake works his ass off trying to please that man and Jake is an awesome carpenter I must say. Of course he doesn't get the credit he deserves either. Don't get me wrong. I love my in-laws and I'm not asking for a hand out but I just think its wrong to deprive your own son of his pay because he has to be gone for IF treatments. Plain ridiculous in my eyes. Your thoughts?

2) Vent- My boss. Male. Chauvinist. Pig. I cant do anything to please him! I'm so sick of it and I want to tell him but I also don't want to loose my job. Let me explain the latest story... I work at a bank as a head teller if you didn't already know that. Well.... we have 2 new account reps 1 of which is on vacation so we have been helping out w/new accounts on the teller line as much as we can. Hello we have other customers to serve too. Well last night a customer wants to open a CD. The new accounts lady is w/someone but is finishing up so I asked him to have a seat. I'd make him a cup of coffee and _____ would be right w/him. So he sits down... no big deal. I went off to balance the vault and so on as this was 15min till balancing time. I didn't have time to open his account at that time anyway. Well apparently he had to wait all of 5 min so he left and called my boss saying that I was nice and all but I didn't offer to open the account. OH. MY. GOD. Are you fucking kidding me? This intern gets me a nice email that I did everything right other than open the account up. Okay... so I told him it was balancing time and ____ was almost done w/the account & I did not see him leave. He tells me balancing should have waited as this customer had a lot of $ to deposit. Okay like I knew that & like that matters. What about the person wanting to open a $25 account? They would have had to wait too. Anyway.... the guy comes back in as I'm locking the doors no less. So I open his fucking CD. $95,000.00 Holy crap. Of course its people like him that call and bitch. I'd played all nicey nice w/him but I could tell he was a going to be an ass no matter what I said. I emailed my boss AGAIN and told him that it was HIS words "If _____ is waiting on someone and no one else is waiting for her & someone wants to open an acct. let them wait. You have to wait everywhere else. Just offer them a cup of coffee or something." Which is exactly what I did yet I get bitched at. I told him I did nothing wrong & I'm sorry but that is what he told us to do. I then when home fighting tears the whole way because I just feel like I can do anything right for him. I feel sorry for his wife.

Okay vent over. I really need to get cleaning plus I have like 50 million errands to run today. I hope you all have a good weekend! Sorry to be such a downer. I'm just pissed at the world I guess.


margelina said...

(((HUGS))) Jayme. That sucks about no vacation time for Jake...and it's is family?! That's crazy!! What happened to taking care of your own?
Sorry your boss is an ass. I hope you enjoy your long weekend!!

To A T said...

((HUGS)) hon!
Vent away! I already did on my board on IV this morning! (see my post about the doc with whooping cough? HELLO!!)

It's sad that your FIL won't let your DH take a couple of paid days off- most companies (family or otherwise) at least give you a few paid sick and vacation days a year. Do you know if Jake ever has talked to his dad about this? Maybe that would help? I would think it would be common sense if I was your FIL and all, but sometimes people just don't get it do they? UGH!

Hang in there!

nancy said...

Your husband should sit down with his boss (dad) and work out an employment package.