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Sunday, November 23, 2008


I've finally made out a budget & I plan to stick to it. We really need to save some serious cash as we have been plowing through it like its nothing lately. I don't know where it goes. I haven't been buying anything out of the ordinary really but every week I seem to be spending more than I deposited. No my account isn't becoming overdrawn but slowly I am depleting my account to the point where there ~will~ be nothing left if I let these habits continue. I'm wanting to save some money in case my IVF doesn't work in December, that way I will have the money to jump right in and try again. I want to save because if I do get pregnant off IVF #1 I want to have some money saved up for the baby, maternity leave, and just unexpected things that ~could~ come up. I made out this budget Tuesday and I thought I was doing really good. Well I have already went over $75 from what I deposited on FRIDAY. 3 damn days! How did that happen? Here's what I've bought...
  • Yankee candle I got the Christmas Cookie. I get one every year. Love em!
  • Groceries
  • Jake got a few new pairs of jeans & a t-shirt for work (From walmart I might add, not expensive)
  • Spent about $50 going out to eat. That right there is $20 more than I said I would spend going to eat in a given week.
  • 2 boxes of outdoor Christmas lights. Okay that was $20 but we had 2 strands that died last year and needed to replace them before we put them out next weekend.
  • Electric bill
  • Water bill

That was IT! Really did I buy anything "unnecessary" besides the candle? I seriously don't think so. I didn't even go over board on the groceries. Fuck. Please tell me... do any of you go by a budget? How do you do it? And ideas for me? How much do you spend on groceries? Do you cook at home every night or do you eat out a few times a week? Are you a coupon user? If so where do you get them?


Amanda said...

I'm a serious budgeter. But i'm also a serious spender. Therefore, I'm in an uncomfortable situation. However, usually, ALL my bills are paid in full before I start spending money on crap (like sweaters for the dog). I am paid weekly, so I usually just make out a weekly budget pull out cash for spending money and then transfer what's left into savings.(then more often than not, i pull THAT out and spend it on crap, like another bottle of bath and body works that I don't need.)

Im horrible at saving money. :) But I do give it a fair shot each month.

And thank you for your comment on my blog. It means alot that there are people that care.

Samantha said...

This is how I do my budget:

I have ALL my bills added up as to how much they are monthly and divide it into a weekly amount (we both get paid weekly, if you get paid bi-weekly you could do it that way). I figured out the difference between bills and income and then I decided on a set amount that each week goes towards groceries/gas/and spending money. That way if groceries or gas is more that week... I just have less "extras" I can buy that week. Whatever is left after bills and spending into savings. So say bills are $1000 a week you make $1500 a week and decide you can spend $300 every week... then you put $200 in savings every week.

Viola... easy as pie. You just have to stick to the spending amount. Works for us anyways!

Misty Dawn said...

I've never done the budget thing either.....I don't even know where to begin. The easiest thing for me to do is get a 2nd job. That way instead of spending $$ I'm making extra $$ to put towards bills. Its working so far. LOL Although, we are planning on spending everything I've made so far this Friday. (so much for that plan)

Yes I do use coupons and price match. You would be amazed at how much you will save just cutting coupons. Yes it sounds frustrating, but my last trip to walmart I saved $25. That is enough for a copay at the RE's office.

To A T said...

We are very much budgetors although this is a relatively recent thing. I would recommend to ANYONE the plan that we are on!! We read the book "Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey and it really changed the way we did our whole budget.
Basically the way we get around spending oodles of money we don't have on stuff we don't need is that both DH and I get an "allowance" of sorts at the beginning of the month- you come up with this amount on your own, but we decided on $150 each- taken out in cash. Once that money is spent that's all you get for the month. It works wonders and even though it's disappointing sometimes when I don't have much two weeks in, it helps us both not spend money that we have allocated for other uses :) HTH!

margelina said...

Ugh...I suck at budgeting, lol. I seriously can't possibly imagine doing it. With the kids, there are so many unexpected expenses every week. And I feel like I work too hard to not be able to buy that DVD or whatever when I want. I do use coupons, though. There are a few good sites I like, such as and where I print them out. The always have lots of cereal and yogurt ones that I use. I do try to buy stuff like cereal and other non-essentials when they are on sale and I have coupons. Other than that, I am like Misty, I wouldn't know where or how to start. If things start getting tight one month, we just scale back on extras.

~Danielle said...

I recently discovered the wonders of Dave Ramsey and have been able to take his class, Financial Peace University through my work. Reading his book has certainly changed the way we look at budgeting too. (To a T also mentinoed this) He has a website and he gives really great advice. It can seem a bit drastic at times (I'll let you decide that one) but basically there are 7 steps to building wealth and getting debt free. If you check out his website, you can usually do a free 30 day trial and he has lots of online resources for building a basic budget. :)

Marva said...

Hi Jayme! I cannot remember how I found your blog. Anyhoo, I think you are doing great wanting to budget and all. I hope the IVF works for you guys.

Budgeting can be hard but we do the Dave Ramsey thing too. Right now they have a special on all of their books, dvds and cds for $10 each. that's a steal.

We have 2 year old twin boys, lost the triplet early on. We dealt with infertility as well. We have lived on one paycheck practically all of our marriage. I farm with my parents. We use coupons and stockpile, shop sales and get all the freebies at CVS bu using Extra Care Bucks.

Do you have a CVS close? the site below can tell you all about the CVS stuff.

A great site I use is

Many Blessings and thanks for letting me stop by.

Mrs B said...

Here is what helps me with groceries...I get the adds out of the paper, see whats on sale and decide from the sale items what we will be having for dinner next week. I also make a list. I notice if I go to the grocery store with my husband and without my list, I spend about double...the other day, he wanted to take hotdogs to work for his employees. I found oscar myers on sale 4 packs for $5.00. I bought 40 hotdogs, 40 buns, 5 bags of chips, plates, & condiments for less than $45 by shopping the ads. My husband ended up needing a few more and spent over $8 buying ONE pack of hotdogs and ONE pack of buns. I thought I was gonna kill him! :) No matter how well I do, he always seems to get into the mix...but I still love him!

~*JaYmE*~ said...

Thank you ladies! I think I am going to check the the dave ramsey stuff. I've heard a lot about him. I also think I need to start shopping the adds. I look at that stuff but never plan meals around it. I think I should. Again thank so much all of you!