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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today is....

National Pregnancy & Infant loss day. Please light a candle at 7:00-8:00p.m (your time) so we have a continuous wave of light. This day is to remember all babies that were lost due to miscarriags, SIDS or still births. Keep these babies and their family's in your prayers.

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margelina said...

Hey Jayme,
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I really appreciate all the support, and it helps to have people who have lost a parent, too. It is totally different from losing a friend or grandparent. I'm sorry you lost your dad, too. I believe that God replaces a life lost with a new one, so I have high hopes for both of us. I'm sorry you are dealing with the IF, too, it's just so not fair. I think I want to be pregnant so bad now because it would be a distraction...something positive happened to me, inside me, to help ease some of the pain. I have not seen a grief counselor yet...but am feeling like I need to, especially around the holidays. I a just so afraid to...maybe of being so vulnerable to a complete stranger, maybe because it will make what happened even more real? I'm not sure. The hospice has one that I can go to, as does my work, so as the holidays approach, I will probably go that route. One day when I can face it, I am going to blog about exactly what happened, I think maybe I need to as part of my healing, but I've been too afraid of that too. Anyway, tahnks again for all the has meant just so much to me. ((hugs)) back to you.