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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday ramblings

Well I'm a bit bored so I thought I would write a little post about a bunch of nonsense that no one really cares about.

I actually have a 3 day weekend this week! Ugh I have been looking forward to it for weeks. It seems like every holiday we have I end up having to work Saturday so I never actually get the 3 day weekend. Not this time bitches! I purposely scheduled myself off because I thought I deserved it! Friday night Jake & I went to a little BBQ deal for work. It was pretty fun. I love the people I work with. They are all nuts & love to drink. Jake of course embarrassed me as usual. I swear I can't take him anywhere. He has actually told my boss a sex story about us almost getting caught by my parents in high school. I almost killed him! Its just stuff like that... he thinks its funny & so does everyone else but... I work w/these people and I'm a supervisor. I don't want him saying this crap to people that shouldn't hear it. Ah well... all in all it was a good time & Jake lived to see Saturday. Yesterday we didn't do crap. I cleaned house and then started feeling like shit so spent the rest of the day watching Lifetime movies. Jake went to the neighbors and sat around a fire. It sounded like fun but like I said I felt like crap. We just got back from grocery shopping and just messing around before we go to Jake's parents for a cookout tonight. Ugh.. I really don't want to go. I just want to rent a movie or something. I'm just in a blah mood. Plus Jake's bro & kids will be there and everyone will be oooing and ahhing over them which will just make me feel even shittier. I'm 7DPO and def. feel like this cycle was a bust. I do keep getting some strange pains in my lower abdomen and have been having them on & off since yesterday. I'm trying to forget about it because I'm sure its nothing. Honestly I just want AF to show up early so I can start the next cycle. If I would end up pg this cycle I would die. Seriously. Which brings me to a funny story...

I went to Walgreen's Friday after work to get some pg tests and here is my convo w/the checkout chick.

Me: Hi! How are you today?
Checker: Oh pretty good how about you?.... Oh I guess you'll find out later huh? Haha.
Me: Oh yeah... I guess.
Checker: Haha... surprise! That's how it happens.
Me: Yeah... have a good weekend.

Christ. I must look like I'm a 16 year old sex addict or something. Hello! I wanted to say to her... actually it would be a huge surprise seeing as I've had 3 IUI's, surgery, multiple clomid cycles and am still not pg. I know she didn't mean anything by it but... I left there just feeling like shit.

Okay... ramblings over. I have to go do some dishes and then I think I'll lay my ass on the couch some more. Shit now I've thought of something else to tell you. Last weekend we drove 1hr away to Terre Haute, IN to get a new TV. We got a Samsung HDLCD. Whatever that is. The picture is great though.. that's why I'm obsessed w/watching TV right now. Jake locked the keys in the jeep while we were there so we had to call a locksmith. What a moron. I made him give me a back rub when we got home since it cost us $50!


elephantscanremember said...

It is very hard to hold your tongue when people throw out crappy lines like she did. She's oblivious like the general population. Stinks.

Have fun with the tv. My dh loves his too.

Amanda said...

I never wanted an HDTV until I saw a football game on one. And honestly, at the time, I didnt even watch I do now though....go cowboys!

margelina said...

I hear ya with the buying hpts...cashiers always have something goofy to say as if everyone buying them is a Whoops, kwim? The BBQ sounds like fun. Sorry your DH is embarassing. Why guys think certain things are funny to share in public, I'll never know!! p.s. I'm waaay jealous of your couch potato time! Enjoy it for me, too!