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Thursday, October 2, 2008

IVF scheduled!

Hey ladies! I had my post OP appointment today w/my RE. Everything went good. My incisions are lookin` good. He showed me some pics of my lap and the endo... pretty gross stuff! We are still planning the injectables w/IUI this next cycle and IVF is scheduled for December! I'm so excited! Although I hope this cycle or my next IUI cycle works instead I'm still looking forward to it. He seemed to be pleased w/everything. He said he got all the endo and the inside of my uterus was perfect. He also said that Endo probably was a big reason why I couldn't get pregnant but probably not the only thing. That kind of stinks but we already knew we are dealing w/MFIF too. At least we got one thing fixed. Anywho just wanted to do a quick update. Have a good weekend ladies

Oh yeah... my cousins & aunt have emailed & called. In short... they claim the invite was sent to my mom. I said if thats true I'm sorry for blowing up about it but the part about yelling at my mom... probably unforgivable. They said they were so sorry about everything that has happend and just want us to be a big happy family again. Blah.


margelina said...

Yay Jayme!! I'm so glad things are looking good and moving right along for you TTC-wise! Having a plan always makes you feel better, and I'm so glad you know yours! Praying that you have a successful cycle soon!!!

Jen said...

I hope everything works out for you since your RE got the endo out. I'm hoping the next few if not the cycle is yours. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!

nancy said...

Woohoo! I'm glad things are all getting scheduled. Isn't having the IVF "on the books" SO FUCKING EXCITING and yet TOTALLY TERRIFYING all at the same time?

What kind of IVF coverage do you have?

~*JaYmE*~ said...

My Ins covers IF just like any other disease. I have met my deducable + my out of pocket max so basically... I dont have to pay a dime for this! Thats why we are hurrying to get it done this year. I figure... its free, I have nothing to loose. I am excited & terrified. We are planning on IVF w/IPSI? Is that right... where they actually take one sperm in manually inset it in the egg?

Thank you girls so much! You are all so awesome!

Amanda said...

How exciting for you guys!! I'll be thinking of you. The best of luck!

Morgan said...

YAY goodluck!