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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My response

There is so much more that I wanted to say but I've got to get to bed but I just couldnt let it rest. Lap is in the morning... holy shit I'm scared!

First off let me begin by saying I do not need to be "warned" about Invitro. As far as I'm concerned Invitro is my God send. If it weren't for IVF there would be so many couples that would never have been able to have children. There are many many couples that go the IVF route... probably people that you are close to and don't even know that's how they got pregnant. Infertility is a disease that so many people, such as yourself are so ignorant about. Not that its your fault but its the fault of people not opening up about it. Infertility is not something that people should be ashamed of nor is IVF. I don't know how you could say that by having IVF that I am "responsible for robbing souls from God by creating these babies." These babies ARE souls from God. For your information I do not plan on destroying my embryos. Jake & I have talked countless hours about this and we are going to donate them to other infertile couples so they can experience the joy's of birthing a child. To someone who has never gone through infertility this could never be understood. A person w/infertility is often compared to a person that has been diagnosed w/cancer. The feeling are the same. A person would do anything to stay alive just like a person w/infertility would do anything to have a child. Are you saying it isn't "God's Plan" for a person w/cancer to pursue radiation & chemo? You are going to say this is different but it is not. I want a baby just like a person w/cancer wants to live and I will do what ever it takes to make that happen. Yes, there is adoption and that is something I will do if it gets to that point. I know there are many children out there that need good homes but that is not going to stop me right now from trying to have a child that is both Jake & I. Another thing that I would like to point out is the fact that people do things like IVF to get pregnant that isn't maybe natural or the way God wants things to be but what about people like Laura that have to give themselves shots to keep their baby? Do you think she shouldn't give herself infertility related drugs to keep her unborn child? Wouldn't that be as bad as destroying your embryos after an IVF transfer? I think so. You say I should leave this up to God and I will have my baby. Aymee... you are living in a fantasy world. Prayer is helping me emotionally right now but God is not going to give me a baby. God is the one that has made this hard on me for a reason & I think its to make me a stronger person. I do not believe that God is against IVF in anyway, he loves all of his children... no matter how they got here. I believe that God provides us w/resources and means to achieve our goals in life. I believe that God created the scientist and doctors that created IVF and do the procedures for the simple fact of making babies. These children may be "lab created" but they are no less a person than you or I. I certainly hope that you do a bit more research on the subject of infertility and IVF and that you never have to experience what Jake & I are. I pray that children come easy to you, and if they don't I hope that you at least think about your options because trust me you cant possibly know that IVF is not the answer if you haven't been faced w/the fact that IVF may be the only way you become a mother.

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