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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little Miss Ellie

This is my little Ellie girl! I wanted to do a post about my dogs so I thought I'd start w/my oldest. I will do a separate post on Bree tomorrow if I have time. First off let me say that my dogs mean everything to me. Some may think I'm a bit obsessive and over protective of them but they are my babies. Mostly Ellie is my baby and let me tell you why.
We adopted Ellie on January 1st 2005. She was a mere 2 months old and weighed maybe 1lb. She was the cutest little thing! We decided to crate her at night and when we weren't home until she was house broken. Well... here first night w/us made it impossible to keep her in her crate. She just cried and cried until we finally went in and got her and put her in bed w/us. She's slept w/us ever since. Her favorite spot is curled up in a little ball on my pillow. I get a little corner for my head, I don't mind though. About 3 weeks after we got her she got really sick. She wouldn't walk or eat anything. I called in sick that day to stay w/her hoping she would get better. She didn't and only got worse. I took her to the vet and they ran numerous tests on her to see what was wrong. She was there for about 5 days & weighed 1/2lb when we got her back. The vet did not think she was going to make it, no one did. Jake & I went to visit her every night and she would get so excited! Her little tail would wag until she just wore herself out because she had no energy. My vet sent off her blood work to the U Of I for further testing (that cost us a pretty penny). Turns out Ellie has a Porto Systemic Shunt (spelling). Basically her blood bypasses the liver & doesn't filter out the proteins. Ellie has to have medicine by mouth 3 times a day & prescription dog food. She isn't allowed treats, although we give her small pieces anyway. She is now almost completely blind. You can see in her picture that her left eye is smaller and doesn't have a glare in it. Her eye is almost totally white now. She is so happy though.. you would never know she has a liver disease. I do believe Ellie has a case of separation anxiety. She follows me everywhere! Not that I really mind. I love this dog to death she is my little fighter!


Christina said...

She's really cute. I'm glad that she's a little fighter! Roxy was supposed to be crate trained at night too and now she snuggles with me under my comforter.

margelina said...

Aww, Jamie, she is so precious!! That's a great story about her, what a special Dog! My little dog sleeps curled up next to me every night, and I actually worry about her when I'm not there! I would totally adopt every lonely pup from the shelters if I could. I am glad she is so happy and safe with you!

Amanda said...

I understand completely about your dogs bieng your babies. Mine are too. I don't think I could make it without my little sweeties. They cheer me up when ive had a bad day like noone else. They are so spoiled! lol.