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Sunday, September 14, 2008

A little bit on Bree

We adopted Bree from the Humane Society on Feb 9, 2008. Jake & I had been talking about getting another dog but pretty much decided it wasn't the best idea. Well on Feb 9Th we went to the mall and just so happens that the Humane Society is doing a "Valentines Day Adopt a Dog-Athon." Once we saw Bree we had to have her. She was so sweet and was just chillin` in the middle of the mall taking a nap. Normally when you adopt a dog from the Humane Society you have to go through a waiting period and be approved before you can take the animal home. Luckily they knew who we were because of my family's dog food business donating food to them so they let us have her that day! We brought her home & her and Ellie of course had to sit and sniff each other for a bit. Ellie didn't like her much for quite some time. She wouldn't even play w/her toys because they smelled like Bree. Eventually they became good friends and play together great, but she still gets on Ellie's nerves from time to time. Bree weights about 35lb and we THINK she is a Border Collie & some kind of terrier. Of course we will never know for sure. Some one just dumped her off. We think she must have been abused because she is scared of everything, even sticking her head out the car window! Even now when we go to pet her she hunkers down like we're going to hit her. Poor thing. She is so sweet! Her favorite spot in the house is laying on top of a chair in front of our front window. She's good buddies w/the neighbor across the streets dog and that dog lays on the couch in front of their window too so Bree & her sit there all day and stare at each other. I think they are in love! We found out the hard way that Bree is Lactose intolerant. We used to go the a local ice cream shop and get little baby cones in a cup for Ellie so we did the same for Bree when they opened up for the summer. Well Bree ended up getting sick for about a week... no more ice cream for her! She is extremely hyper & loves to play w/toys and run laps around the house. At first when we got her I thought we'd made a mistake by getting another dog but everyday that goes by she is rubbing off onto me and I love her even more!


Christina said...

She just looks sweet!

margelina said...

I love adoption stories!! Your pups are lucky to have you!!

p.s. I am praying everything goes well with your lap this week, and that the sprinkle some baby dust in there, too! I'm sorry you are going through this, but know it will be worth it in the end!!