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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lap on Wednesday

Welp I had another U/S today and as expected my cysts are still there and haven't gotten any smaller. We scheduled the lap for Wednesday. He wants to get in there and remove the cysts or at least see what kind it is so we know how to treat it. He is 90% sure that its either a cyst caused by endo or some kind of cyst caused by ovulation and the egg bleeding. I didn't really understand that part of it & I easily could have miss heard. Anyway I will be having the lap plus possible hysteroscopy & possible HSG followed by a D&C. Have any of you heard of getting this done at the same time as your lap? I've already had an HSG & hysteroscopy. Thanks ladies!


Christina said...

I've heard of getting an HSG and a lap together. I guess since you're going to be out anyway it would be a good time to do a D&C too. Good luck with everything! I hope it all turns out to be fine.

nancy said...

I've had all those things together. It's all the same when you are asleep.


I hope this is what you need.