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Sunday, August 3, 2008


First of all I will start w/my little update. I had an RE appt yesterday for my U/S. Had 3 big follies & triggered this morning. I couldn't give the shot to myself so Jake did it. He did a pretty good job. I think he was nervous though! My IUI's are scheduled for Monday & Tuesday morning. We are having 2 IUI's again because its been found that DH's motility goes down significantly after about 7 hours. That explains a lot! Hopefully I will get to talk to my RE about what we will do if this doesn't work. We were going to be doing injectables w/IUI but I'm wondering if we need something else. Obviously I'm not the only one w/a problem here. I'm about to say IVF and get it over with. I just have this feeling that we will be going that route anyway so why waste so much time. Lets just "get er done" already. To top that off my temp went way up this morning. I'm hoping/praying that I didn't ovulate already. It would be odd if I did since I'm only on CD16 which is way early for me and there was 3 follies yesterday and the RE didn't say anything about me ovulating sooner. I swear if this is a bust because of bad timing I will be pissed.

Secondly I want to vent a bit about work. I've been working for this bank for over 6 months now. We just opened our new branch in May & need more help like you wouldn't believe. I'm running my ass off waiting on customers when I have my own stuff to get done. I'm the head teller so I have the vault,2 ATM's, money recyclers & dispenser, schedule.... the list goes on. I've talked to my boss numerous times about all of this and he just doesn't take me seriously. I'm seriously thinking about finding a new job & getting out of banking all together. They are all the same. I left my last bank because I was tired of having to do multiple jobs and being stressed out just to come here and have the same shit thrown at me. For some sick reason I constantly think about work too. When I do have a day off I'm 24/7 thinking about work and worrying that something is going to break or something and they wont know how to fix it then I will be in trouble for not being there when I'm already getting 40+ hours and being harped at about having over time. What the hell do they think I'm going to do? When I only have 3 full time tellers (myself included) to deal w/and 2 part time what do they expect? Ugh I could go on but I will stop there. Just pisses me off.

I guess that's it. I'm just really in a pissy mood today & I have a headache and feel like crap. Vent over.

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Jen said...


I'm sorry you are having such a hard day. I've said it before and I'll say it again. This whole TTC sucks big time.

I'm hoping and praying that everything works out well for you tomorrow and Tuesday with your IUI's. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that this works for you!

It seems like everyone is having a hard time at their jobs. I say we all just take a vacation and head for the beach. Sound good?

Again, good luck with your IUI's. I will be sending you lots and lots of baby vibes!