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Monday, August 18, 2008

C13 CD1

AF has found me. 2 days early no less. I have my CD 3 U/S scheduled for Monday so I figure I will be taking follistim injects by the end of the week. This is my "hail Mary" cycle as Nancy calls it. At least I think that's where I read it. If this doesn't work we will begin IVF. Which I'm pretty excited about. A part of me wants to just say screw this IUI w/injects and lets get on w/it. Please pray for me girls that this works or if not this C but my IVF cycle. I don't know what I'll do if I have a failed IVF cycle. Not to mention that my deductible will start all over in Jan. I'm hoping to get 2 IVF cycles in before the end of the year if need be which I know is pushing it. Hopefully I wont need either! I just wish I could save all my money for when the baby gets here. I have almost $600 saved up just for baby stuff. Furniture, rocker, that kind of thing. Our baby has its own savings account already! How sad is that.

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nancy said...

oh lame. I'm sorry about the BFN.

I don't think this is your hail mary cycle. This is your "god, please let this be all we have to do" cycle. But if it fails (and I hope it doesn't) the "rest" cycle you'll most likely have to be on before your IVF (I don't know if they would want you to do back to back follistim cycles for your IVF), if you aren't on bcps. But if you will have to go on bcps for your rest, then this IS your hail mary cycle! (this is why i needed to know what my protocol would be if IVF would be necessary, which, bah, it was.)

Well good luck! Injectible cycles scare the shit out of me and in fact, my RE wouldn't do them if the woman responded on oral meds. He was very worried about over stimulation because inject/iui is the big high multiples risk. So you be careful and do what the doc says, okay? :)