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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My List.

I need a bit of a pick me up so I thought I would jot down some things that I love & some things I hate just to vent a bit. Of course this is just a small list there are much more things I love/hate more than this!

~Things I love~

My husband
My mom & late dad
My brother
My nieces & nephews
My mother & father in-law
My brother in-law
My grandparents & grandparent's in-law
My doggies
All of my other family (most of them)
My cat (lives w/my mom)
My friends
My job (most of the time)
The smell of rain
The sounds of a thunderstorm
Laying out
Being appreciated
Looking at old pictures
My Zune
My house

The ocean
The smell of my dads cologne
Old school memories
Getting flowers
Miami Ink

~Things I hate~

Being Infertile
Fertile crack whores
Social climbers
All around just fake people
People that do not use car seats (big pet peeve)
Animal abusers/neglecters
People that do not take care of their houses
People that do not bathe
Rude people
People that take FOREVER in Walmart line w/their damn coupons and
what not
People that try & push their religion on you
People that don't fill out their deposit tickets or know their account number!
Bad drivers
Most meats (not a vegetarian or anything I just don't like most meat)
Burger King commercials

Wow my ~Things I love~ list is bigger than the ~Things I hate~ I'm actually suprised!

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