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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

IUI Update

Well I'm back! I sucessfully completed 2 IUI's this cycle! I'm glad its over. I'm trying not to get my hopes but but its just so hard! The 1st IUI Dh had 30mil sperm w/63% motility and today he had 25mil w/66% motility. My RE was quite pleased w/the numbers. He said my chances are about the same or a little better than last time. Around 40%. We shall see! All in all everything went fine. Minor cramps during the IUI's... now I'm fine. Jake has a swollen weenie though! Too much self love for him! Haha. I feel bad for him though it really looks bad. We also go a ticket on our way home. Jake ran a red light! Thank god we didnt get hit. I drove after that though! Welp thats it. Thats all I've got. Now I'm in the 2ww!! Bring it on!!


nancy said...

good luck~!

Wow - 40%??? That was my chances of getting pregnant putting in FOUR embryos!! My chances with IUI were something like 3%.

Damn girl - good luck!

Earl Gearl said...

Good luck Jayme. I really hope this works out for you. I'm glad your doc was happy with your hubby's numbers. I hope there's at least one spermy that will get off his barca lounger!