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Monday, June 16, 2008

I feel bad for my hubbie

Poor guy. He is always trying to cheer me up. When I'm sad and crying he just hugs me and says everything will work out okay. Truth is... I dont give him enough support on this whole TTC journey. I keep feeling bad for myself and kind of forget that he is hurting too. I'm not the only one acting this way either. When he told his dad our IUI failed his dad said "oh poor Jayme I bet she is taking this really hard." Jake said he just wanted to be like "yeah what about me? I'm taking it hard too!" I think all too often we forget about our significant others. I'm really going to try and work on that.


Christina said...

I agree. Our poor DH's are experiencing failure too because "we" aren't pregnant not just the women. I think a lot of women TTC forget that. (by the way I'm stinaalicia from the webmd boards)

nancy said...

It is hard dealing with our hubbys. But I had asked him plenty of times and I just don't think they are as emotionally invested as we are. I mean, they CARE, but they don't feel defeated. At least my hubby doesn't.